These are some of the questions we have been asked of late. More will be added as they arrive!

Why does my company need to have it?
Cym.co is a domain that is designated for Wales. Businesses that register the domain and use it will be identified by search engines as belonging to a specific geographical location. This is likely to help with search engine ranking algorhythms that skew results in favour of regional listings. Remember that these days Google track where searches are coming from and will skew results in favour of local results wherever possible. Sites are also grouped by geographical location and your cym.co domain will allow you to be identified firmly in that category.
In these days of internet anonymity, the cym.co domain will let customers know that you are a Welsh business. Maybe they are Welsh, maybe one of your customer's parents was Welsh. Either way, it may just help you gain that edge in doing business.

What if I don't want to be identified as a 'local' business? I trade nationally already.
Your cym.co domain will not affect that at all. Just add it to the list of domains that point to your website already and you'll be identified as a Welsh business. Local directiories (such as ours) will pick you up and supplement your national ranking.

Do I need .com or .co.uk anymore?
Unless you specifically feel that you have to have them, no. The cym.co domain can be the only domain your company needs, if this is what you want! If your business already has a website, we would suggest that you keep your exisisting domains and simply add the cym.co domain to your list of domains. You can make the cym.co domain your main domain and just keep the others pointing to your site.

Will specific types of businesses benefit from the domain?
Realistically, if your businesses is based in Wales and it's 'welshness' or welsh nationality is something that you are promoting or intending to promote, this domain is for you. Tourism, travel, manufacture, service sector based etc will all benefit. If your business is primarily involved in eBay or Amazon marketplace, you're unlikely to need the domain!

Will I lose my other domains if I register my cym.co?
No. They're yours and they'll still be yours!

Will it break my website?
No, of course not!

Will my hosting cost more?
No. We will point the domain at your site and that's included in the £10!

Will it stop my email from working?
No. The domain will not affect email unless you make it your main domain. Even then, it's easy and quick to change it!

I'm not sure what to do with the domain after I buy it. Can I just 'park' it with you while I decide what to do with it?
Of course. Once you've bought it, we will await your instruction. Unlike many domain registration companies, we do not charge for 'parking' domains. Take your time and let us know when you're ready!

Does my site have to be in Welsh before I can buy my domain?
No! The cym.co domain is a geographic domain. There are no requirements for sites associated with the domain to be in the Welsh language, or any other language for that matter!

What's this directory thing?
Over the next few months, we are planning to publish a directory of all businesses who have secured cym.co domains. Entries in the directory will point directly to their respective websites, thus helping search engine placement of the websites. We are currently working on optimising the directory.

I don't live in Wales. I live in St Louis, USA. I just want to buy *********.cym.co (removed) for my family name as we are originally from Wales (many generations ago). Will I be allowed to buy and use the domain?
Yes. As we said, you don't have to be in Wales or speak Welsh to own a cym.co. American cousins are most welcome! As long as you're nice.

I'd like to register for email but I already have a gmail account and all my friends & family know that one. How can I switch to the cym email?
This is pretty easy. Just look at our settings for setting up email and apply it to your email client (Outlook, Mail, Thunderbird etc). Then go into your gmail settings (in your browser) and set it up to forward all mail to the cym.co account. Now, send all your friends an email and ask them to use the cym.co email address from now on. Most likely, the vast majority will forget or not bother to make the change but even when theu send an email to the gmail account, it will still come to the cym.co account anyway! When you reply, it will be from the cym.co account and when they reply to that email, they will have switched to the cym.co email account without even realising it!

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